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Monday, February 14, 2011

Bears of aloha

These Aloha bears are so reasonably priced at only $15 and shipping is reasonable too.
They come in so many fabric and color choices it's difficult to pick just one.  But, the best thing about this company in Oahu is they will make "memory" aloha bears too.  Just send in fabric, shirts, a blanket, baby clothes or even your children's athletic shirts & they will make a bear out of it.  I still have many of my Dad's hawaiian shirts that I'd love to be made into an aloha bear.  I also will be ordering some from my saved children's baby clothes, especially Nathan's preemie outfits.  I'm so happy I found this site.  Let me know if you order and what which bear you're choosing.



Tiffany said...

Those are ADORABLE!!!

mel said...

I love these!!

Holly said...

What neat bears!!

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