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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Return from Maui

Hello Friends,

I returned from Maui just a few days ago and I really  miss the sun and warm breeze. There is nothing like the state of Hawaii! The island color of Maui is Pink and the island flower is the Lokelani Rose.  I'll post a picture below.
I created over 100 names & words in the sand in just 4 evenings & part of the morning before catching the flight home. I'll continue to post them in lower resolution and will send out the high resolution to the emails after donations are posted.  If you do not like the photo you requested, please email me so we can discuss what might be done to enhance the picture or create a new one when I return in August.

When creating words in the sand in Hawaii, it is not as easy as it might look.  The tide is rushing up, the wind is blowing the flowers & lei's all over and the sand in general is very soft, so the lines will not look as clean as other beaches. Every beach is different even in Hawaii, but overall, they are all very soft.

One of the highlights of this trip was driving around over the top of the island past Lahaina to the other side. We ran into areas that were beyond gorgeous, just truly no words to express how beautiful the water was and how peaceful and quiet it was with lots of uncrowded beaches and many snorklers.  That's the place to go for snorkling.  I'll post photos.  ~ Lisa


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