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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Making a Family Cookbook...STILLLLLLL

Wow, so how many of you have created a cookbook?  I thought it was a great idea to combine all the family recipes in one location. But it sure is a lot of work, however, the good news is I found a printer in Seattle (thanks to my Aunt's excellent references) and I am done with the 350 recipes.  They are all typed, some include photos, all the same font, etc.  I only have the index to do & off to the printers.  It has taken 9 months.
I am returning to work in a couple weeks, so this big project needs to get off my plate.

Yes, I am a nurse who has worked for over 25 yrs & have ruined my feet with severe plantar faciitis vowing to live now & not work so hard.  But, back I go because my our oldest is in college & that is life.

Kitty Kat...he is still here on this earth with us.  He started a new medication that has gotten rid of his nausea & made him feel like a million bucks again.  Life is good, but college is a rip off.  How are we ever supposed to pay.  I am still paying for MY college loans.  Just a little stressed about this subject lately.


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