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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Amazing shop...I mean experience!

Banana Wind ~ a polynesian trader

Is the most unique shop you will experience. I say that because it is owned by a couple who travels around the world with their young children to find extra home accents, Hawaiian gifts & south pacific items that you won't find in one place anywhere else.  They have photos from their travels placed around the shop so you can see just where your item came from.  Don't you love it when other people make beautiful things with such love & care from places you could only maybe dream of visiting.  I love the amazing collection of shells, sand dollars & starfish.  I never knew about the blue ones until I found them in this shop.
If you ever go to Maui, don't miss this place.  I wish they had shops on every island.
If you go, let me know what you thought & what you bought!

Banana Wind 


Holly said...

The shop sounds right up my alley!

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