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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Home ~ A new beach I discovered ~ Jeanne, the Isl Keeper artist

Each trip, I say I have too many orders & need to scale back, so last time in April I did 105 photos. But somehow, this trip I did 174!!  It was all crammed in over 3 sunsets & 1 early morning.
Okay, so seriously, I need to scale back because it dominates my time too much, but mostly because I do not like to be that rushed. Each one has a special meaning & most have special requests, so there is no way to adequately take the proper time needed for each name, which is truly a person.
In some cases though, I have pet names too.  I did 5 pet names & 2 that I don't know if they were pets & didn't have the nerve to ask.  But the names made me sure think they were, of course they could be nick names too.
****   Remember, photos for soldiers families are for FREE, Post Pals (children with cancer)/illness are for FREE, couples getting married, pets, businesses, in memory of anyone you love, and in celebration of anyone you love too are $15.
I do collages of any photos you'd like including the one in the sand in the grouping.  If you want an ultrasound photo or couples photo with a sand picture, that is great with Hawaiian flowers & sunset pictures.
I'll post some later, but in the meantime, you can put "collage" or "collages" in the search bar & many will come up for you.
Hubby turned around after being home from this HI trip & is now in California teaching.  He is gone way too  much, but he loves his job & it's always good to have a job & medical benefits.
 THE NEW BEACH!!  Omg!  It's called Ko Olina & is in the west side of Oahu. It's spectacular, remote, peaceful & perfect for photos.  It does take about 1 hr in traffic to get there, but well worth it.  I have many, many Ko Olina photos to show you & when on Oahu, I'll use that beach as much as I can.  When on Maui, I try to always use a beach in Kihea. 
Do any of you have a beach you'd like to share with me?  Anything in California you love?  I liked Oceanside, but I'm sure there are so many I don't even know about in both HI & CA, but I'd really love to hear about them.
I've updated many photos on my Facebook page, but I'll also post here.  I have been hearing from families that they are not receiving all the pictures I send.  I have to send one at a time because they are high resolution & each takes a few minutes to take off from  my computer, so I'm sure I've stressed out my computer's "send" file.
I met with Jeanne, the lady who makes the Island Keeper jars.  We chatted at Starbucks at a huge mall called Ala Moana mall. It's an amazing place where you could spend the whole weekend & still have new shops to visit.  Jeanne has another size IK jar I'd like to make available as a choice with the small 3 inch one.  If you don't know about the IK jars, please see my favorites section.  They are perfect for sand, shells, army dog tags, mementos of any kind.


Holly said...

You wrote a lot of names! I def think you need to be able to enjoy your visit and take less names. Thanks for doing mine! I appreciate it!

When we went to the Big Island there we only went to 1 beach and I don't know what it was called. We were at a small alcove behind some really nice houses. It was perfect for the girls b/c they were only 10 and 11 months at the time.

I know I've been to Waikiki and Sunset on Oahu and Poipu on Kauai. I can't remember the names of the others.

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