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Saturday, April 14, 2012

How to Order...

How to order a photo

Email me  *  State preferences  *  Pay invoices

1.      Email me at lisashawaiiansandwriting@comcast.net   
2.      Include the name(s), word, etc. that you would like me to write in the sand. Include if you would NOT like any lei’s, flowers, shell or starfish, otherwise I will include one or more of them.

3.      Include day or sunset preference.

4.      5.      Please pay when you receive the invoice to your email.
General Questions:

1.      Cost is $29.50   The high resolution jpeg will be emailed to you.  You can then order as many as you’d like, turn the picture into a canvas, magnet or whatever you prefer, the photos are yours. Isl Keeper jar w/o photo is $30, Isl Keeper jar with photo is $54.

2.      The time you receive your jpeg emailed to you is approximately 1-2 wks after I return from Hawaii.  My trips to HI and California vary, but you can watch for updates on my Facebook page.

3.      If you are happy with your order, please share on Facebook, Pinterest or email with your friends!  I appreciate the business and love what I do.

4.      All requests from families of Heroes killed in action are free & all requests from Post Pals are free.

5.      What if I can’t pay the fee?  I will accept two payments.

If you have any concerns after you receive your photos or jar, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. lisashawaiiansandwriting@comcast.net