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Monday, July 14, 2014

How to write a name in the sand
Successful tips for sandwriting

Lisa’s Tips for successful sandwriting – 101

1.  Don't be offended if someone says it's stupid.
2.  Keep a sense of humor about yourself & your interest in writing in the sand.
3.  Remember, what you think is mind-blowingly gorgeous, another will not see the beauty, at all.
4.  Writing a lower-case "e" is the most difficult letter.
5.  Every beach has different sand; course, packed, flour-ish in consistency, easy & difficult to write it.  Keep looking until you find a beach that works for you & your style of writing or printing.
6.  Don't over edit.  Keep the colors & style R-E-A-L.
7.  Be prepared for people to walk right into your creation, before you get a shot.
8.  Be prepared for waves to wash away your creation, before you get a shot.
9.  Be fully & completely prepared for others to say, "That's so easy." 
10. It takes practice for the angle & waves, with the light of day or sunset to look spot-on for a perfect photo.
11. Be prepared for your props to blow away, so come with many props, if you choose to use them.
12. It's okay to edit out a distraction, like a rock or feather.
13. Don't go to the beach alone during the sunset & night time.
14. If you make a lovely creation, but the person doesn't like it, that's okay, refer to #3 & do it again & again until they are happy.
15. Wear the flip-flops from Old Navy b/c they hardly leave an imprint.
16. Never take just one photo.  Keep clicking until the wave washes it away, or until you know you have 3-4 shots.
17. Try taking shots at an angle alongside of the ocean.
18. When taking shots straight in front of the ocean, practice getting it just right so there is enough ocean & sky, plus sand on top & over the name/word.
19. Gray, overcast weather takes horrible photos & there is nothing that can fix it.
20. Photos in a storm are beautiful too. Besides, it's better to get something rather than nothing with requests.
21. Try not to feel immense pressure when doing photos for couples' wedding announcements or graduates.
22. Again, do not feel badly that others do not see the beauty in what you see in your work. That's all part of ART.
23. You will have only 5-ish minutes for sunsets.
24. If you go out in the early morning, you will see lots of people doing Tia-Chi and Yoga, they are your biggest supporters.
25. Write SMALL! Yes, it seems that can't be correct, but only write your letters about 6 inches in height or so.
26. Use a pen, sharp stick or other object to write with, don't use your finger.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Aloha friends, here is a beautiful quote that

seems to be made just for this Waikiki sunset photo.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Aloha ~
Thank you for your requests! I'll keep updates on my upcoming trips and when I'll send your photos to your email addresses.  I post here, but most interactions are on my Facebook page. Come on over ~
Lisa's Hawaiian Facebook Page

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Cost....it's always tough because people often ask why I charge for this service.
I charge for the service of:  photography, writing, creating your special request, editing and sending out. 

My apologies, but I can no longer re-do photos that others' are unhappy with, such as the color of the sunset or that the ocean looked too stormy. 

We cannot control mother nature, but I do my very best to make each photo beautiful and just as you requested.

Cost:  $29.50
Two payments are fine, just let me know.
I will send an invoice to your email address, or you can click the "Donate button on the right. 
I will send high resolution photo(s) to your email after editing out footprints.

Updates on requests, trips, weather, dates of sending out photos, etc.will be on my Facebook page, please come on over ~
"Lisa's Hawaiian"
Lisa's Hawaiian Facebook Page

~ Thank you, Lisa

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A little info on Sunset vs Daytime sandwriting/photos...

FYI about the different options...
Currently, I do sandwriting & photos at sunset and daytime.  I'm not doing early morning sunrises at this time. Sunset photos take twice as long & the editing takes twice as long too b/c there is only a very short few seconds to write, step back & capture a good shot, re-do it again & again as needed.  The beach is busy w/ lots of people at sunset & each footprint has to be edited out w/ a tiny clone brush. Daytime has more space & time to write. Therefore, when it's asked of me to write 2-3 names, a phrase, candles, etc at sunset...I do my best, but at this time, it's not worth the many re-do's. I'll be accepting 1-2 words/names @ sunset. Also, some have not liked the color of the sunset for their photo & ask that I re-do it for them. With my long list each visit to HI, I'm not able to do over those photos. I sure wish I did have more time & ability, but it's more challenging than it looks. Thanks again for understanding ~ Lisa