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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

A little info on Sunset vs Daytime sandwriting/photos...

FYI about the different options...
Currently, I do sandwriting & photos at sunset and daytime.  I'm not doing early morning sunrises at this time. Sunset photos take twice as long & the editing takes twice as long too b/c there is only a very short few seconds to write, step back & capture a good shot, re-do it again & again as needed.  The beach is busy w/ lots of people at sunset & each footprint has to be edited out w/ a tiny clone brush. Daytime has more space & time to write. Therefore, when it's asked of me to write 2-3 names, a phrase, candles, etc at sunset...I do my best, but at this time, it's not worth the many re-do's. I'll be accepting 1-2 words/names @ sunset. Also, some have not liked the color of the sunset for their photo & ask that I re-do it for them. With my long list each visit to HI, I'm not able to do over those photos. I sure wish I did have more time & ability, but it's more challenging than it looks. Thanks again for understanding ~ Lisa