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Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Washington beach sunset and more beach trees, name requests

Personalized wedding sand writing photo - and why the Etsy shop is on hold

 Waimanalo Beach, Oahu, Hawaii

It's difficult to write, use flowers/shells/starfish or props, step back & get good shots all within the brief time before another wave comes up.  My sand writing partner, Malia, and I do our best and often have to make many attempts to get the photo. There are times we have to return back to the beach again, or 3 times in some situations depending on weather and how crowded the beach is.
It may seem easy, but each one takes time to create, edit and send to you. 
We've had our Etsy shop for a while now, but will be taking a break from it to reassess our business policy to better reflect the work involved and how we can better serve our customers.

REMEMBER, all sand writing photos are hand-drawn, hand-written & hand-edited of footprints using a sm cloning tool.

Often, we have many people who want their request asap, today or in a few days. Or, we have complaints about the color of the sky and the customer wants a re-do. Some, don't like the way we have arranged the shells or flowers.  So at this point, Malia will not be doing any props. I will continue to use them if I am able while I'm at the California beaches. We lose items in the waves and run to get them, or we let them go & use others. 

The reason for the above detailed explanation of how this works is because there is a gap in understanding why there is a cost, and why it takes time, and customer satisfaction. 

We strive for 5 star reviews on Etsy, and we do everything humanly possible to fulfill each request, down to the font, props, angles and details, including rush at no extra charge. Is it our fault for being too accommodating, or our fault for not explaining better, yes probably it is.  But it is also an unrealistic expectation to not pay because the sky is not vibrant or colorful enough. Or because it took 3 attempts at good weather and we could not get it to you faster. I have even had a comment left on my Facebook sand writing page about how I should be doing these photos for free, and why she felt they should always be free. 
What we cannot do anymore:
Specific angles, such as 3 o' clock, 5 o'clock, etc
Rush with no additional charge
Props, such as flowers, shells, conch, starfish - UNLESS communication is ahead of time with     Lisa. Only Lisa will do props.
Specific dimensions away from the water, set by customer (we get as close as possible)
Do overs because of the color of the sky, or because of dissatisfaction of angle
Specific hand writing or printing fonts

Until we get a grip on how we'll be doing business on Etsy again, we will only accept requests that have a full understanding of what we can and cannot control, and that we need time, sometimes weeks, to get the photos completed. We will only accept requests that are paid in full up front. Thank you for your understanding.

Our work is on Instagram, Facebook, and in the possession of hundreds of happy customers. Our work stands alone in showing how gorgeous the pictures are, how they are healing for those going through grief, and how they honor Gold Star family members. We honor, respect and value each name or wedding couple's name we draw. We will continue to give you the best service and the absolute best photography we are able to provide. 

Please DM us on Instagram for inquiries, or PM on Facebook.
Thank you again, we value each one of you,

Lisa and Malia
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My Golden Retriever enjoying a pacific North West sunset on a very cold December day


A beautiful Washington coast sunset and Hawaii sand writing