What would you like written in the sand?

Are you looking for a unique wedding, graduation or birthday gift?

What about a special way to memorialize a loved one or celebrate a new life?


 email me at Lisashawaiiansandwriting@comcast.net

I try to take a few selections for you.  All high resolution jpeg photos will be emailed to you.

I strive to continue to make this personalized service affordable for everyone.
I am asking for payment upfront unless arrangements have been made.
Once you have the jpeg photo, you can order as many pictures & sizes as you like from places online such as; Shutterfly.com, Snapfish.com, Costco.com.

Please share on social media, the photos are yours to share.

Hawaii Photos
My friend Malia from Sand Notes by Malia does the Hawaii photos, and I do the California photos. You can view all our pictures on our Facebook and Instagram pages.
The turn around time for HI photos is usually within 5 days, weather permitting.
California photos within 3 months.

When I am in HI, usually once a year, I'll do the HI photos as well.

What islands? 
Maui and Oahu, CA beaches too.

Can I place a request anytime?

How about my pet's name?  Business name?  Special date?  Couples?  Military unit or brigade?
Yes absolutely!
A special date makes a great gift and keeps a special memory alive.

Why Hawaii?
My Dad did work there in the 1970’s and my sisters and I went to HI when we were young, so it’s a special place in my life.  My Dad later built his house and lived on Maui until he died in 2009. 

Are the flowers, lei’s and shells real?
Yes. However, there are times when plumerias from www.PlumeriasWeddingFlowerBoutique.com are used.

Do you use photo shop?
I do nothing to change the raw image of the sand, beach and sunset you see other than to edit out my footprints and stray debris.  Sometimes however, I need to lighten the sand so the word will stand out better. 

Why do some pictures show a spectacular colorful sunset and others do not?
It totally depends upon the weather and time of year. I cannot guarantee the color of the sky or sunset, but the beauty in that is your photo will be different than others.

Do you write only during a sunset?
No, daytime or dusk too. Malia from Sand Notes will do sunrise photos in HI if requested.

How to order and cost?
$29.50 at this time.
High res Jpeg will be emailed to you, it is your photo.

If you do not want your photo possibly posted to my page or website, please let me know.
Make sure to answer the questions in How to Order:
Cursive or Block Print? (sample is below)
Flower/Starfish added?
Detail of name/word/date you would like written. We cannot write more than a few words due to the waves taking it out and also the writing would be small & back from the waterline.

Click on How to Order on this website.
or...Facebook message me, Lisa's Hawaiian Sandwriting

DISCLAIMER:  At times, customers are dissatisfied with their photo because they do not like the sky color, sunset color, clouds, etc.  That cannot be controlled and no two photos will look identical because of mother nature. But, that is also the beauty because your photo will be uniquely yours.
In addition, we reserve the right to refuse service to those who request negative words or phrases in any way. 
Our intention is to offer beauty in the sand. Please keep all requests positive.