What would you like written in the sand?

Are you looking for a unique wedding, graduation or birthday gift?

What about a special way to memorialize a loved one or celebrate a new life?

How to Order

How to order

Etsy Shop is the most preferred way, however, if you cannot create an Etsy acct, or would rather have an invoice sent to you, please let me know.

1.  Please order through Etsy.  www.etsy.com/shop/lisassandwriting

or... Email me at Lisashawaiiansandwriting@comcast.net & I will send you a confirmation & invoice.

2.  Include the name(s), word, etc. that you would like written in the sand.

3.  Hawaii or California?  Flower, starfish or shell added if weather permits. 

General Questions:

1.  Cost. 
High resolution PNG photo ~ 

Lots of photo requests? email me with questions

1.  The high resolution PNG photo(s) will be emailed to you unless you order from Etsy.  

You can then order as many as you’d like, turn the picture into a canvas, magnet or whatever you prefer, the photos are yours.

2.  The time you receive your photo(s) is usually within 1-2 weeks from Hawaii, weather permitting. From California it can be 1-2 months due to wait lists and times to the beaches.

3.  If you are happy with your order, please share on on social media! The photo(s) is yours!  We appreciate the business and love what I do.

4.  All requests from military families of Heroes who have passed away are free.

5.  I work together with Malia from Sand Notes by Malia.  She does the Hawaii photos, I do the California photos. Except of course when I return to HI every 6 months or so, then I will do them as well with her. 

6.  DISCLAIMER:  At times, customers are dissatisfied with their photo because they do not like the sky color, sunset color, clouds, etc.  That cannot be controlled and no two photos will look identical because of mother nature. But, that is also the beauty because your photo will be uniquely yours.

In addition, we reserve the right to refuse service to those who request negative words or phrases in any way. 
Our intention is to offer beauty in the sand. Please keep all requests positive.

If you have any concerns after you receive your photos, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. Lisashawaiiansandwriting@comcast.net, or communicate via the private Etsy communication link.



Sheila said...

This is such a beautiful service that you provide. You are a true blessing. I am the sister of a soldier who was killed and you wrote his name in the sand for my sis-in-law. To see his name again, brings him back to me. Thank you.

Lisa's Hawaiian Names in the sand said...

Hello Sheila,
Thank you for the kind words. It is an honor to write the names and create a lasting photo in memory of our American Heroes. Who is your brother? Would you like me to forward the photo to your email? Or you might already have it from your sis-in-law.
Take good care, with love, Lisa

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